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Paul is experienced in providing professional support and consultancy services to a range of companies.  Whether you are an established eatery looking to refresh your offerings, increase your profitability or simply try something new, Paul will create a range of menus to suit your budget.


Full training is provided to your kitchen staff so they can be up to speed with the new dishes in no time. Paul is fully DBS checked and holds all necessary food preparation and hygiene certifications.

If your bookings have fallen, or your Tripadvisor ratings plummeted, allow Paul to troubleshoot your business and create new menus that will get people talking!

 Menu Design Service


Menu creation is a balancing act where courses must have high quality ingredients, be tempting enough to drive guest loyalty, and profitable to the business.

Paul's experience in menu design spans many cuisines, from  Mediterranean to Malaysian, and British to Brazilian. He can accommodate the most stringent dietary restrictions and works closely with the Head Chef to ensure the menu works practically in the kitchen.


Recipe development services include:

  • Menu Research & Development

  • Recipe Documentation (Prep Recipes and Plate Assembly Recipes)

  • Nutritional Analysis & Menu Calorie Labelling

  • Supplier Recommendations

  • Menu Engineering/Optimization
  • Menu Design

  • Menu Costs/Pricing

Contact us today for a free telephone menu consultation and to discuss your menu aspirations.  

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